Galaxy Note 7 Camera, Display, Features, Release Date & Specs

Galaxy Note 7 : Samsung Galaxy note 7-camera and display: Samsung have come up with the latest and a new release of Samsung Galaxy note 7. And the new Note series is about to launched by August 2016. After the great success of Galaxy Note 5, Samsung has again come up with new Note 7 for the customers. Note 7 have come up with the toughest screen with Gorilla glass and a nonremovable battery with 4600mAh.

The first look of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been in a discussion and it’s having the strong feature have made the phone more popular on the internet.

What are new in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7-Camera and Display

Galaxy Note 7

Galaxy note 7 have some of the greatest features that will make you go crazy on this new Samsung. And compare to previous series Galaxy Note 5, Note 7 have the greatest deal with its Camera and Screen features. The Note 7 will have striking 5.7″ QHD SAMOLED display and also it is amazing to know about that Samsung is giving up to 20 Megapixel rear and a 15-megapixel front camera that can take the high-resolution image and gives you the perfect shot just like the professional photographer. And the Screen provided with 4K display, the latest technology used for the Phone in an Android device. So for the more interesting feature, see through the below mentioned about the full features of Samsung note 7.

Features and specification of Samsung Galaxy note 7

With the last success having the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has quickly make another eye-catching Galaxy Note 7. This Note 7 have some of the cool features that you will see in your hand very soon. So let us see what are the great features of Galaxy Note 7 that you must check on.


Features are-

  1. Battery life- Note 7 comes with the Nonremovable battery powered with 4600 mAh battery for giving you the maximum life for enjoying the phone.
  2. Internal Memory- Enjoy the fast and fluent phone having up to 6 GB of RAM standing head to head with the iPhone 7.
  3. Screen and display Resolution- get the 4K display along with 4K recording capabilities for high display resolution. Packed with a tough screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 back panel. Having the IP68 certified, it also ensure to give you dust proof and water resistant over 1.5 meters and 30 minutes
  4. Camera- Rear camera with 20 MP and the front is expected to be 15 MP with 1440 x 2560 pixels 1440 x 2560 pixels which are the best choice for those who love photography
  5. Operating System- Built with the latest Android OS, v6.0.1 (Marshmallow), Note 7 is the complete latest technology for the new Android device.
  6. Processor- Having the cool and strong processor of Dual-core 2.3 GHz Kryo that is going to make the phone very fast.
  7. Phone Memory- Coming with expandable microSD, the total phone memory can have up to 256 GB with a dedicated slot for SD card.
  8. Price- according to the UK reports, the price for the latest Samsung Galaxy note 7 will be available at the market start from £650 (The UK pound).


So this is the fresh look of new Samsung create Galaxy note 7 with many great features that will make the phone best treat for the Samsung lovers. Upgraded with ultra size feature having the maximum memory like 6 GB Ram as internal and up to 256 GB Rom as for external. Since the releasing date is in August of this year, stay tuned for knowing the exact price for the Indian Market. And check out for more update with us and see more lastest news for the new Samsung release.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, Concept & Features – Latest Update!

Galaxy S8 Release Date: I am sure that many of you must be biggest fan of Samsung Galaxy series and eagerly waiting for upcoming Smartphones in this particular series.

So keeping your eagerness in mind, I am sharing an article on upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 which is full of surprises and awesome specs for its users. So keeping this everything account, I am writing an article which will be putting light on Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, Concept and features for you guys.

First lets talk about Samsung Galaxy S8 features and concept. We have come to know about these features from different sources of our and gathered this to guide you guys;

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, Concept & Features


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is supposed to be very fast with 8 GB RAM which will definitely make it a Smartphone giving PC to your hands. Such a good RAM will make multi-tasking far more awesome. It will be having Genuine Octa-Core 5.X GHz processor which justifies the excellent pace it is going to bring for readers. The Galaxy S8 is going to be the first smartphone running on 64 bit Exynos processor. Talking more about its speed, it will have 3.5 Ghz get force driving functionality. Seeing such an awesome features of S8, I can assure that it is definitely going to be remarkable and more than awesome smartphone in the market.


Now lets talk about its storage, according to our sources, it is going to have 32, 64 and 128 GB internal storage for its users. As there are going to be many awesome features for Samsung lovers, so the memory is going to be up to 128 GB.

Since Galaxy is famous for its camera results, and its results of camera are more than awesome. The rear camera is expected to be 20 Mega Pixel with f/1.7, 28mm, phase detection auto-focus, OIS, and LED flash. Keeping these camera specs in mind, it is definitely going to give clear photographs than any other smartphone present. The front camera is expected to be 10 Mega pixel along with flash.

Talking about its display, S8 is going to have Super Ultra-Amoled Display. It is going to be awesome display with specs 4k, 6-inch display. It means you will be having a 4K video results which are more awesome and realistic than HD.

Like previous new series of Samsung Galaxy, S8 is also going to water-proof. It is going to be fully waterproof and taking your phone to pool won’t be an issue anymore since it is going to come up with very strong water-proof feature.


Now lets talk about network connection and according to our sources, S8 is going to have 5G network connection. And it means that you are also going to enjoy really high speed internet connection on Samsung Galaxy S8.

The awesome thing which we so far have encountered that is Infrared sensor. It will have an ability to gage your body temperature and give you exact body temperature. Moreover, this infrared could be used for many other purposes as well which yet to be disclosed.

The battery of S8 is going to 4200 mAh. And such a big battery going to give you good backup and let you fully use this awesome smartphone without much interruption.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, Concept & Features

Now let me list all the possible features of Samsung Galaxy S8 which will give you a clear idea about this awesome smartphone.

  • It is going to have 2400 mAh battery.
  • 20 MP rear camera and 10 MP front with LED flash on both side
  • 4K resolution with 6 inch display screen.
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 64 GB internal Memory up to 128 GB
  • It is going to have Genuine Octa-Core 5.X GHz processor
  • Infrared Sensor which measures exact body temperature of user.
  • It is also going to have 3.5 Ghz get force driving functionality.
  • It will have 64 bit Exynos processor.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date

Now lets talk about the release date of Samsung Galaxy S8 that when it is going to hit the markets and going to available for readers. Remember that these dates are expected and we don’t make any claim about its authenticity;

Release Date by Country Galaxy S8 Release Date
Australia 3rd Week April 2016
Austria 3rd Week April 2016
Brazil 3rd Week April 2016
Canada 2nd Week April 2016
China 1st Week April 2016
Denmark 3rd Week April 2016
England 2nd Week April 2016
Finland 4th Week April 2016
France 3rd Week April 2016
Germany 3rd Week April 2016
Greece 3rd Week April 2016
Hong Kong 1st Week April 2016
Hungary 4th Week April 2016
India 2nd Week April 2016
Indonesia 3rd Week April 2016
Italy 3rd Week April 2016
Japan 1st Week April 2016
Nigeria 4th Week April 2016
Philippines 2nd Week April 2016
Poland 3rd Week April 2016
Russia 3rd Week April 2016
Singapore 3rd Week April 2016
South Africa 3rd Week April 2016
South Korea 1st Week April 2016
Spain 3rd Week April 2016
Sweden 3rd Week April 2016
Switzerland 3rd Week April 2016
Taiwan 1st Week April 2016
The Netherlands 4th Week April 2016
United States 2nd Week April 2016

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price

Now lets talk about the expected price of Samsung Galaxy S8. We have gathered the below table from some source and got the expected price of Samsung Galaxy S8.

Country Galaxy S8 Edge Price
Australia 1236 Australian Dollar
Austria 820 Euro
Brazil 3090 Brazilian Real
Canada 1182 Canadian Dollar
China 5589 Chinese Yuan
Denmark 6122 Danish Krone
England 576 British Pound Sterling
Finland 820 Euro
France 820 Euro
Germany 820 Euro
Greece 820 Euro
Hong Kong 6978 Hong Kong Dollar
Hungary 252,272 Hungarian Forint
India 57,591 Indian Rupee
Indonesia 1,2141,450 Indonesian Rupiah
Italy 820 Euro
Japan 111,601 Japanese Yen
Nigeria 179,100 Nigerian Naira
Philippines 41,139 Philippine Peso
Poland 3398 Polish Zloty
Russia 56,404 Russian Ruble
Singapore 1238 Singapore Dollar
South Africa 11,426 South African Rand
South Korea 1,051,969 South Korean Won
Spain 820 Euro
Switzerland 870 Swiss Franc
Taiwan 28,498 New Taiwan Dollar
The Netherlands 820 Euro
United States $900


So this was our detailed article on Samsung Galaxy S8 release date, specs, features and concept. I am sure this would have helped you guys. If you have any news or tip for us then you are always welcome to approach us using comment box. We shall respond you and appreciate your contribution on our blog.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Rumors, LEAK reveals new flagship phone!

Galaxy S8 Edge Rumors: The forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge is definitely a device worth waiting for; however, the wait won’t over until the early 2nd quarter of 2017. Sammy is promoting them as being a best Smartphone creator and we are expecting that they will take the Edge concept to the next level.

In the popular S model series, the Galaxy S8 Edge will be third curved launch. The new concept looks to blend unique ideas and give us better productivity and more viewing angles right on the display. We are expecting more internal memory, more expandable options, a bit larger screen, more speed, and faster processor.

Galaxy S8 Edge Rumors – Samsung News!

Galaxy S8 Edge

This article will highlight all the details including release date and rumors about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Rumors

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge

The biggest rumor we have heard so far is the foldable concept. We have been hearing this from some years. However, Sammy officially declared that a foldable flagship will be introduced in 2017 itself, thus it has added fuel to the fire. Not only that, this Smartphone would possess two displays with bi-fold. Though this concept is really unique, however, it is unlikely to make its way to the Edge, instead, in 2017; a new flagship is likely to be introduced. The rumors have already made us believe that it will surely be one of the best Smartphone till now.

Another rumor states that the cost of the new S8 Edge will be lesser than we have initially thought. Early reports stated that for those in the US, S8 Edge cost is topping $1000 mark; however, it is again very unlikely. Expect to see a release price in the e same range as GS7 Edge, meaning price of around $900.

Customers in smaller markets will be satisfied to know that the new Galaxy S8 Edge will be launched soon in the store near you. The biggest trouble with previous releases was that customers in smaller markets were required to wait months even after the release in larger markets like the UK, US and Germany.

With the expectation of higher rate of production, Sammy will push more handsets out before the release as it would mean minimal delays. Other rumors include better security with eye-scanner, true octa-core processor, 4K display, and much more.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Specs

Samsung Galaxy S8

Specs suggest that we’re only staring at a refined S7 Edge, however, the new components involving faster wireless and rapid charging, ultra responsive eye sensing technology, and a larger surround quality will be additions.

For swipe, the Edge controls will be more functional sensitivity controls which will help lessen accidental bumps and make them more responsive. It is also expected by us to get a slightly larger frame screen which is again rumored to be 5.3 inches with 4K display and 4096 x 2160 resolutions. Rumors on specs further include bigger battery, dual micro SD card slots, and octa-core processor clocked at 3.2GHz.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Features

Samsung Galaxy

Galaxy S8 Edge features will expand on the S7 Edge involving 4K recording, amazing durability, and better eye scanner with a latest version of Gorilla Glass protection, and a better charging technology. It is rumored that Ultra rapid charging with the supplied wired charger will fully charge the device in just bit more than 30 minutes. It is also expected that either the standard S8 or S8 Edge will be waterproof because rugged Active will debut in the new concept once again. Rumor has it that the new Edge will be compatible with the Bluetooth 5.0, latest version of HTML mark-up and the Android operating system will be preinstalled which will release just months before.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Concept

Generally, the Galaxy S8 Edge concept will surely combine the idea of creating a Smartphone device that will do literally anything. Samsung is set on combining all the latest and greatest when it comes to Smartphone technology which will provide you a wide array of mobile payment options and will keep you connected to your vehicle. Enhanced security will be big in the S8 Edge concept, particularly considering the advances in Samsung Pay and Android Pay. We are expecting to see newer Corning Gorilla Glass featuring in the front and rear and more durable surround. This device will surely be better than previous Galaxy S series models which were stated as inferior compared to other flagships.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Price

The price will be slightly over the standard S8 as the customers in the US will expect to see around a $50 difference. For the US release, expect to see a price tag of around $850 which is much less than early expectation for an $1100 full purchase amount. Other notable countries such as Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Concept China at 5589 Yuan, Germany at 820 Euro, England at 576 GBP, Canada at 1200 Canadian dollar and India at 58,000 Rupee.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Preorders

The best way to get the newest smart phones device on launch day is by preordering, best way to save the new Edge on the April release. The top carriers around the world will offer Preorders of Samsung S8 Edge which should be likely to be announced shortly before official release at MWC. There are a lot of customers around the world who are already ready take benefit of presales with Vodafone, Rogers and several others. It’s also expected that Samsung will be providing some add-ons for preordering customers of the new handset; it is yet to be confirmed. It will also be interesting to see if they provide a lot of color option.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Release Date

At the MWC event, the release date will become official starting in January 2017. The official announcement will confirm some rumors or make clear what the Smartphone actually looks like. It expected to release during the 2nd quarter of 2017. The Asian markets like China and South Korea will expectedly see earlier than US and Europe. Samsung is quite consistent with launches in the same month.

The 2017 launch of the Galaxy S8 is speculated to have more than everything the S6 and S7 Edge will offer, however, we’re hoping it will live up to our already big expectations.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors – Next Flagship To Feature Dual Screen?

Galaxy S8 Rumors: Samsung is just on the precarious edge of discharging the Galaxy Note 7, yet there are now gossipy tidbits on its taking after leader. Apparently, it will accompany considerably more advancements and upgrades on existing elements.

Science World Report shares that the new gadget will be the following in Samsung’s Galaxy S arrangement. In that capacity, it will be known as the Samsung Galaxy S8. The production goes ahead to further claim that the specs and elements of the unit have as of now been licensed by the Korean tech goliath. This incorporates a double screen highlight, and also a triple camera framework.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors:



The double screen will normally work two-overlap and ought to work by means of a collapsing spread. One of the showcases will be particular for the gadget’s functionalities. That is, it will contain sensor gadgets, radio wire gadgets, info gadgets and so forth. Then again, the triple camera framework will brandish layers of lenses. The principal set will be two restricted lenses, so as to grow the perspective of the pictures. On the front camera will be wide-calculated with a specific end goal to concentrate on the substance of the client. In like manner, this front-confronting camera will likewise accompany iris-checking innovation.

The iris-filtering innovation of Samsung is set to make a big appearance in the up and coming Galaxy Note 7, however will be enhanced further in the Samsung Galaxy S8. In the interim, the unique mark scanner will apparently be moved to the back of the handset. Further, Master Herald includes that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will likewise have 4K show, which will help Samsung take into account people in general that is getting increasingly keen on Virtual Reality.



The Galaxy S8 will be controlled with the most recent processor. On the off chance that this doesn’t mean Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor or its Exynos partner, it will be whatever trails. Truth be told, it may even leave the occupant Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge eating dust. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is relied upon to discharge on April 2017.


Samsung gossipy goodies starting now fuse Odyssey, a standalone VR headset much the same as the Rift and HTC Vive, perhaps the Galaxy S8 can similarly interface with a PC? That would be sweet, yet it’s exclusive a dream at this moment.

The screen of in any occasion the S8 edge model will be 5.5″ noteworthy, which will improve the field of point of view. In a matter of seconds, there are VR-capable GPUs from AMD and Nvidia, however even the section level ones are 150W brutes, that will never fit in a versatile structure segment.

The Galaxy Note7 is essentially arranged – it’s being revealed in a week and bits of tattle say it will go at a deal that day. It’s not precisely clear if the standard S8 will stay more diminutive or match the edge in size. There’s something else totally to VR than just the screen – the GPU requirements startle even PCs (especially in the event that we’re hurling around words like UHD).

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S7 Features – Everything you need to know!

Galaxy S8 vs S7 Features: Samsung is playing a great role in delivering back to back amazing Smartphone to its users. As we all aware about all its products, so we might be aware of its next release Galaxy S8.  We all know that Samsung has already released Galaxy s7 successfully and acquire a huge response and popularity. With this popularity and achievement, Samsung is going to add another Smartphone to its Galaxy S series in the year 2017. As usual, this smartphone will also attract all mobile users and also earn the same popularity as its previous versions. So in this article, I am going to discuss what you will get in Galaxy S8 apart from Galaxy S7, simply I am going to differentiate between Samsung Galaxy S8 with Galaxy S7. Now you will find by what extra features you will be benefited.

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S7 Features, Price:


  • Improved Security

Samsung from the beginning is focusing on security, so in this smartphone, they will not compromise on security issues.Features that we were that Samsung may include like eye scanning, retina scanning that will make this phone more efficient to use.

  •    Speed  

Speed is the most important feature of a phone.Concerning to its speed in performance Samsung is going to put 6 GB ram that will provide maximum speed so that user can use it at its extreme level.

  • Charging

No need to keep your phone on charging as this phone will come with super fast charging facility and its rapid charging feature will charge your battery in less than 25 minutes.This phone will come with a robust battery life of around 4 days with 6200  mAh battery capacity.

  • Camera

As we all know that Samsung is giving good quality of camera to its users.  In Galaxy S8  the are providing front camera of 12 megapixels and the rear camera of  30 megapixels

  • Memory

Storage space will not be an issue with this device as in this phone it has dual micro Sd card slots.

  • Display

Galaxy S8 will come with the screen of size 4.8 inch  4k  resolution of 4096 x 2160 . So it will give you crystal clear view.

  • Price

Its price is expected to be around $900 US Dollar, and its price will fluctuate with its 32 GB and 64 GB model.

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S7 Features:


  • Display and Design

Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with a screen size of 5.1 inches, and its resolution is around 2560 x 1440 pixel, and it delivers high-quality visualization with 577 ppi.Its display is AMOLED, and it covers with a full metallic body.

  • Camera

As Samsung is very popular for its camera so in S7 model they provide a rear camera of 12 megapixels and for your selfies it has around 5 megapixel camera.

  • Memory

It comes with an inbuilt storage of 32 GB, but it can be extended as per your need up to 200 GB.

  • Battery

Concerning to its battery capacity Samsung gives its a battery power of 3000 mAh which will last for at least two days.

  • Speed

As for the smartphone, speed is a very important issue to concern, so Samsung Galaxy S7 is built with 4 GB Ram.

So, I think now you can able to realize what Samsung is planning for and what extra new advanced feature you will get in Galaxy S8 series.So if you have any other information, then please share with me.Thanks.