Galaxy S8 Specs, Preview, Rumors & Pre-order – Latest Info!

Galaxy S8 Specs: Galaxy S8 the new Smartphone from Samsung is going to hit the market in coming days from the series of Samsung S Smartphone. There are many rumors of this new device but it seems to have a lot for excitement. As Samsung camera with a change in technology in its recent Edge mobile, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 edge will bring a different technology that users are thinking to use. S Smartphone from Samsung is most used and preferred mobiles which have all new features, specifications. It is expected to design to bring everything your desire in your hands to use. Samsung is ready to bring amazing visual appeal, enhanced functionality, amazing durability, unique productivity, HD quality visual in Samsung Galaxy S8.

Galaxy S8 Specs, Preview, Rumors & Preorder:


This S8 from Samsung will change the look and design of every Smartphone which is going to come therefore. The new curve screen will be going to include in this series and will amaze the users you have a 3D technology integrated. It is expected that Samsung Galaxy S8 will hit the market in 2nd quarter of 2017 and will be going many new changed in its looks, design. Few of its features which can expected are like comparable prices, easy peripherals, durable glass surround, fast processor, eye sensing technology, Android Pay interface, 4k display which is limited for Smartphone and many more.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specifications:

As we have known that both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 edge are coming after April in the market. The new technology and features is thing the market which were un-believable for users.

Will have4200 mAh battery which is enough for a large screen device to run for minimum number of days. The camera is expected to have 30 MP along with optical image stabilizations, geo tagging, facial recognition, auto focus laser and HDR with 3D technology. When it comes to selfi camera it 9 MP that is more than enough to take a selfi and have easy video conversation.

Memory is the main features for a biog Smartphone after Battery and Camera. It is expected to have a least internal memory space of 64 GB and largest of 128 GB along with expendable memory space having dual memory card of any size. Installed with Android OS that will be currently running in the year 2017 which will latest at that time.

Snapdragon Qualcomm Octa-Core 3.2 GHz processor which is supported by 6 GB RAM that is going to be largest RAM size of a Smartphone. We can easily guess how great this device is going to be as it has supported with 6 GB RAM which does multitasking in seconds of time. The screen of Samsung Galaxy S8 will be 5.2” with 4k display and with the screen resolution of 4096*2160 pixels.


Have a look at few features of Samsung Galaxy S8 which most haven’t expected to come this earlier in a Smartphone.

  • Corning Gorilla Glass 5
  • 4G LTE
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Technology
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • Retina Eye Scanner
  • Wireless Charging
  • Rapid/ Easy Charging
  • Mini Projector

Samsung Galaxy Edge S8 Specifications – Latest Update!

Galaxy Edge S8 Specifications: There are huge hopes on the up-coming Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge which could be launched in first quarter of year 2017. Samsung is working hard, from last few years, to make their flagship phone best from the rest. They added curved screen, from S6, which has become an instant success and now, for S8, they are trying to give slick design. Samsung has always provided tough competition to other companies. According to the gossips and Smartphone producers, Galaxy S8 is a phone worth waiting.

Samsung Galaxy Edge S8 Specifications – Latest Update!


The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be larger and finer Galaxy S Smartphone till now. Both the Galaxy S8 Edge and Galaxy S8 will follow-along with the idea of what Samsung has been attempting to do so far.

S series is one of the most admired Smartphone models. In this mobile era of technology, S series is a perfect example of what customers wish to see, and what they have come to count on.

The Galaxy S8 will once more carry with remarkable durability; astonishing visual appeal, improved performance, high quality visuals, and exclusive productivity which will surely help redefine Smartphone trends.

Expectedly, Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge will be acclaimed as one of the most functional Smartphone concepts as it is bringing back the curved appeal with several changes. The Edge with the S6 Edge has become as famous as the standard version since its debut in the Galaxy S series.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Gossips

Although the new Galaxy S8 won’t launch before 2nd quarter of 2017, however this doesn’t mean there isn’t enough to know. We are covert to all the recent and amazing Samsung Galaxy S8 gossips including the several changes expected with both the S8 Edge and the standard S8.

Samsung has become one of the hottest Smartphone concepts till now.

Expect to see better features, comparable price, faster processor, more durable glass surround, and more functionality with peripherals. With gossips on a 4K display, enhanced Android Pay interface, eye sensing technology, and a better performance between auto and phone.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs

Some of the greatest improvements in the Samsung Galaxy S8 specs include dual micro SD card slots, somewhat 30 megapixels seen in the back camera, improved body metric sensors, and much more. The current words on the specs to come are all listed below:

Galaxy S8 Specs- Specifications

1. Battery- 4200 mAh;
2. Camera- front (9.0 megapixels) and back (30 megapixels);
3. Available colors- Black, blue, white and gold;
4. Price- $850 USD, 775 Euro;
5. RAM- 6 GB RAM;
6. Release date- April 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Features

The latest Samsung Galaxy S8 features will increase security while enhancing speed and productivity. We’ve been listening regarding eye sensing technology from quite some time, and it feels that Sammy will be enhancing the eye scanner that we see in the Galaxy S7. In both S8 models, the retina eye scanner will take less time to register and will be more active.

Android Auto is believed to become a regular feature in several forthcoming trucks and cars which would give customers the capacity to access apps, music playlists, and other features directly from their Smartphone on their car or truck display. Android Pay is also taking-off besides Samsung Pay which gives customers sporting a forthcoming Android Smartphone the capacity to checkout at several worldwide retailers.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Concept

The speed will compete that of any recent 2017 Smartphone, and all other aspects will be getting a hit including enhanced visual display, expanded security features, more camera features, and a better blend with Samsung and 3rd party apps.

With mobile payment options, expect to see more marketing along with Samsung and Android Pay. With Apple Pay, mobile payment technology was started by Apple, however, both Google and Samsung are making large strides and this will be seen once more with the latest flagships.

The new Corning Gorilla glass and the durable glass-like surround will not only greatly enhance durability of the screen but also the outer surround.

Both S8 versions with provide a premium glass outer body which will encase both the front and back of the Smartphone.


Customers will be happy to learn that no major increase in price will be noted during the release and Samsung Galaxy S8 will remain competitive. Some have been wondering that the new price of the GS8 Edge and GS8 and will be a little more than the GS7 Edge and GS7 during the launch, however Samsung is determined to keep the release day prices about the same.

Launch date prices will be accessible through carrier two year contracts, full purchase, and installment pricing which will differ by carrier.

Consumers who take benefit of pre-orders will probably get their new Smartphone dispatched to them a day or two before the worldwide release from the top merchants including Vodafone, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and several others. The top carriers worldwide will start taking Samsung Galaxy S8 preorders weeks before the actual release. Those who wish to secure a handset before the launch should consider this.

Those who pre order either the GS8 Edge or GS8 will get best chance to secure a handset on the day of release, and seeing the huge consumer interest there’s serious probability that its release will delays. The Galaxy S series is one of the top and most consistent Smartphone models of all-time in recent years. Preorders will also grant some in larger markets to get their new phone days or weeks before those who choose to buy on the date of release.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price

Samsung will probably stick with the same annual launch date for their forthcoming flagships in 2017. Both will be released globally on the same date, however, those in Asia will be luckiest to see them before others.

The recent Samsung Galaxy S8 launch date gossips suggest those in China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan will probably see both become available at the beginning of April. Those in Europe and US will have to wait slightly longer.

There are some new gossips that Samsung may push up the launch date to mid-March with a proper announcement.

Samsung Galaxy S8 EDGE – Everything you need to know!

Samsung Galaxy S8 EDGE: With Samsung launching its latest Smartphone the “Samsung Galaxy S8 EDGE” which has been the rumour to be launched very soon in 2017. Samsung has always been good at surprising the customers with their really great Smartphones. And Samsung Galaxy S7 being the best Smartphone of 2015 has created huge eye rolls for the new Galaxy S8 EDGE. And with the launch of all the mid range Smartphones in 2016 like the Samsung Galaxy A3 A5 and A7, Samsung has been leading the market of Smartphones for a very long time.

Samsung Galaxy S8 EDGE – Everything you need to know!


About The Rumoured Samsung galaxy S8 EDGE:

Now to talk about the new Samsung Galaxy S 8, there has been a lot of debates and rumours that the features that you are going to get on the Samsung Galaxy S8 EDGE is going to be one of a kind. The rumours and the debates equipped the S8 EDGE with Snapdragon Qualcomm 830 chipset processor along with a 1 / 1.7 image sensor.

And to the surprise with the biggest rumours, Samsung Galaxy S8 EDGE will be launched with their 4k or a UHD display which will be one of a kind.

Launching date of the New Galaxy S8 EDGE is going to be in March / April of 2017 the chipset that the Samsung is going to be included in the Samsung Galaxy S8 EDGE has been rumoured to be the SnapDragon 830 chip.


And for all the Smartphone enthusiastic, it has also been rumoured that the Samsung Galaxy S8 EDGE it is going to come with a USB type c port. And as everyone knows that C type port is of a reversible connection. Which means you can stick the port upside down just like any Apple MacBook. Also with a USB type C you will be able to connect display ports, VGA even HDMI using the single USB port. Not just that, with a USB type support you can expect a huge power input of 100 w which is a huge turnover compared to the normal USB ports 2.2 which provides with only 2.5 w.

Now let’s talk about few of the latest news/ rumours that have been hitting the market up for a month now:

Now to talk about the specification of the phone, it has been said that Samsung has been taking in a whole new level for putting in a very powerful processor which will be off a whole new 10nm processor.

And if you have been using the Samsung Galaxy S series Smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S5, which also comes with a Snapdragon processor you will definitely enjoy using the phone as a Snapdragon processor provides with really good performance to battery ratio.

No coming to the battery backup of the Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S8 EDGE has been rumoured to have a huge 4000 mAh battery, except that few of the key features that has been rumoured to be included in the Samsung Galaxy S it is Android N but some rumours also said that the Samsung Galaxy S3 it will come with a n Android O.

Extra Features Information:

Except all these, there has been a rumour that the Samsung Galaxy S8 EDGE camera is going to have two photodiodes instead of 1. And it has also been rumoured that the Samsung Galaxy S8 EDGE is going to come with a really high tech camera. Along with that, the Samsung Galaxy S8 EDGE has also been rumoured to come with ip68 certified which means the Galaxy S8 EDGE will be waterproof.

So with these rumours in our hand, we tech enthusiastic only want that, this Smartphone should rock our expectation and should also be available soon.

Samsung Galaxy S8 News and Release Date

Samsung has been ruling the smartphones world globally without any hesitations. The brand has ripe the businesses with the release of various gadgets which are stylish and comfortable too. Samsung has released various series of brands to engage the youngsters. Many people despite age and class has opted Samsung Galaxy series to be trendy. It is heard that it is going to release Samsung Galaxy S to S7 from March 2010 to February 2016. They entertained the audience hence there is evolution of Samsung Galaxy S8 later in 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S8 News and Release Date


Here are the details about the Samsung Galaxy S8 along with release date, Specifications, Features and appearance of the gadget. Many people are having whopping expectations on the release of Samsung Galaxy S8.  Yet there is no official confirmation about the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S8. The gadget has multiple functioning capabilities and exciting specifications too. This gadget has been supporting the users with dual cameras and 4k screen.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is consisting of features such as water proofing and expandable storage.  The design attracts the users to choose this gadget without any second thought. Faster charging and wireless features are additional features of this gadget. Coming to the camera features of the handset it is having dual camera lens according to the sources.


The processor of the gadget is powerful and efficient too with 14nm chips suitable for current generation. Speaking about the Samsung varieties generations may change but features will be always upgraded and comfortable to the users.

Qualcomm’s X16 or Snapdragon 830 is exciting mode of processor. Connecting to USB is another aspect to be noticed before choosing the gadget to the wish list. It also has superfast modem which is sleek and stylish too. Coming to the processor of the handset is better than the other smartphones processors.

Specifications of the smartphones are another place where one should be cautious. The image sensor of the gadget is at 1/1.7. It device is inbuilt to support video recording of 2k and 4k. The device has 8GB RAM which supports Adreno 530 GPU system.

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to be in 5.2 inch AMOLED screen and 806 ppi pixel density. The display system of the gadget is expected to be 5.5 inch. The camera which is main should be 12 MP, and its 9Mp for selfie camera. Till the official confirmation from the Samsung brand all these information cannot be confirmed. Many people challenge that Samsung Galaxy S8 can be catche with its beauty and stylish appearance.

Improved security and fast speed are another aspects to be considered while selecting the S8 series which are expected to be released in the last week of February 2017 or March first week of the following year. Rapid charging, unique glass like sound, android play is a few amazing features of the S8 model. It is to be mentioned that shopping ability is enabled in the Samsung Galaxy S8 series which has charging capacity of the battery within 20 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Variants based on Processors & RAM

Samsung Galaxy S7: Galaxy S7 is going to be released early in 2016, and there are a lot of speculations around the same, about not just the screen or camera but also about the processor which is one of the most important parts of the phone because that is what makes it a powerful unit.

Having different processors for its flagship phones is nothing new from Samsung, because it had earlier used Qualcomm Snapdragon processors and Exynos chipsets in the different variants and those were more related to the market location, where we had seen Samsung selling the Snapdragon variants in the United States while the ones having company’s own Exynos processors was sold internationally.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Variants based on Processors & RAM:


The Samsung Galaxy S7 is also expected to come with variants that will be dependent on the market. Samsung had recently unveiled its Exynos 8890 processor while Qualcomm also launched its flagship chipset, i.e. the Snapdragon 820 that is going to be used by most of the flagship phones in 2016.

Now, there are some rumors already that Samsung is testing both the processors to see which would work with the hardware and software configuration that the phone is coming with. If both work with some restrictions that are area specific, we might surely see variants that will be powered by the Snapdragon and Exynos chipsets.

Probable Galaxy S7 variants based on Processor & RAM


  • Samsung Galaxy S7 with Exynos 8890, 3GB RAM
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 with Exynos 8890, 4GB RAM
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 with Snapdragon 820, 3GB RAM
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 with Snapdragon 820, 4GB RAM
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with Exynos 8890, 3GB RAM
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with Exynos 8890, 4GB RAM
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with Snapdragon 820, 3GB RAM
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with Snapdragon 820, 4GB RAM

Unlike the other brands, Samsung hasn’t done much with the RAM and we rarely see any variants that have a better RAM capacity but this time, the scene might change. Samsung is going to probably introduce 3GB and 4GB RAM variants of the Samsung Galaxy S7. If that happens it will add to the confusion because it is almost confirmed that there are variants having different processors.

The pricing of Galaxy S7 is expected to be from $699 for the base variant but if there is a variant with better RAM as well then the price of top end ones will cross $1000 as well.