Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Rumors, LEAK reveals new flagship phone!

Galaxy S8 Edge Rumors: The forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge is definitely a device worth waiting for; however, the wait won’t over until the early 2nd quarter of 2017. Sammy is promoting them as being a best Smartphone creator and we are expecting that they will take the Edge concept to the next level.

In the popular S model series, the Galaxy S8 Edge will be third curved launch. The new concept looks to blend unique ideas and give us better productivity and more viewing angles right on the display. We are expecting more internal memory, more expandable options, a bit larger screen, more speed, and faster processor.

Galaxy S8 Edge Rumors – Samsung News!

Galaxy S8 Edge

This article will highlight all the details including release date and rumors about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Rumors

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge

The biggest rumor we have heard so far is the foldable concept. We have been hearing this from some years. However, Sammy officially declared that a foldable flagship will be introduced in 2017 itself, thus it has added fuel to the fire. Not only that, this Smartphone would possess two displays with bi-fold. Though this concept is really unique, however, it is unlikely to make its way to the Edge, instead, in 2017; a new flagship is likely to be introduced. The rumors have already made us believe that it will surely be one of the best Smartphone till now.

Another rumor states that the cost of the new S8 Edge will be lesser than we have initially thought. Early reports stated that for those in the US, S8 Edge cost is topping $1000 mark; however, it is again very unlikely. Expect to see a release price in the e same range as GS7 Edge, meaning price of around $900.

Customers in smaller markets will be satisfied to know that the new Galaxy S8 Edge will be launched soon in the store near you. The biggest trouble with previous releases was that customers in smaller markets were required to wait months even after the release in larger markets like the UK, US and Germany.

With the expectation of higher rate of production, Sammy will push more handsets out before the release as it would mean minimal delays. Other rumors include better security with eye-scanner, true octa-core processor, 4K display, and much more.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Specs

Samsung Galaxy S8

Specs suggest that we’re only staring at a refined S7 Edge, however, the new components involving faster wireless and rapid charging, ultra responsive eye sensing technology, and a larger surround quality will be additions.

For swipe, the Edge controls will be more functional sensitivity controls which will help lessen accidental bumps and make them more responsive. It is also expected by us to get a slightly larger frame screen which is again rumored to be 5.3 inches with 4K display and 4096 x 2160 resolutions. Rumors on specs further include bigger battery, dual micro SD card slots, and octa-core processor clocked at 3.2GHz.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Features

Samsung Galaxy

Galaxy S8 Edge features will expand on the S7 Edge involving 4K recording, amazing durability, and better eye scanner with a latest version of Gorilla Glass protection, and a better charging technology. It is rumored that Ultra rapid charging with the supplied wired charger will fully charge the device in just bit more than 30 minutes. It is also expected that either the standard S8 or S8 Edge will be waterproof because rugged Active will debut in the new concept once again. Rumor has it that the new Edge will be compatible with the Bluetooth 5.0, latest version of HTML mark-up and the Android operating system will be preinstalled which will release just months before.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Concept

Generally, the Galaxy S8 Edge concept will surely combine the idea of creating a Smartphone device that will do literally anything. Samsung is set on combining all the latest and greatest when it comes to Smartphone technology which will provide you a wide array of mobile payment options and will keep you connected to your vehicle. Enhanced security will be big in the S8 Edge concept, particularly considering the advances in Samsung Pay and Android Pay. We are expecting to see newer Corning Gorilla Glass featuring in the front and rear and more durable surround. This device will surely be better than previous Galaxy S series models which were stated as inferior compared to other flagships.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Price

The price will be slightly over the standard S8 as the customers in the US will expect to see around a $50 difference. For the US release, expect to see a price tag of around $850 which is much less than early expectation for an $1100 full purchase amount. Other notable countries such as Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Concept China at 5589 Yuan, Germany at 820 Euro, England at 576 GBP, Canada at 1200 Canadian dollar and India at 58,000 Rupee.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Preorders

The best way to get the newest smart phones device on launch day is by preordering, best way to save the new Edge on the April release. The top carriers around the world will offer Preorders of Samsung S8 Edge which should be likely to be announced shortly before official release at MWC. There are a lot of customers around the world who are already ready take benefit of presales with Vodafone, Rogers and several others. It’s also expected that Samsung will be providing some add-ons for preordering customers of the new handset; it is yet to be confirmed. It will also be interesting to see if they provide a lot of color option.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Release Date

At the MWC event, the release date will become official starting in January 2017. The official announcement will confirm some rumors or make clear what the Smartphone actually looks like. It expected to release during the 2nd quarter of 2017. The Asian markets like China and South Korea will expectedly see earlier than US and Europe. Samsung is quite consistent with launches in the same month.

The 2017 launch of the Galaxy S8 is speculated to have more than everything the S6 and S7 Edge will offer, however, we’re hoping it will live up to our already big expectations.