Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, Concept & Features – Latest Update!

Galaxy S8 Release Date: I am sure that many of you must be biggest fan of Samsung Galaxy series and eagerly waiting for upcoming Smartphones in this particular series.

So keeping your eagerness in mind, I am sharing an article on upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 which is full of surprises and awesome specs for its users. So keeping this everything account, I am writing an article which will be putting light on Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, Concept and features for you guys.

First lets talk about Samsung Galaxy S8 features and concept. We have come to know about these features from different sources of our and gathered this to guide you guys;

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, Concept & Features


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is supposed to be very fast with 8 GB RAM which will definitely make it a Smartphone giving PC to your hands. Such a good RAM will make multi-tasking far more awesome. It will be having Genuine Octa-Core 5.X GHz processor which justifies the excellent pace it is going to bring for readers. The Galaxy S8 is going to be the first smartphone running on 64 bit Exynos processor. Talking more about its speed, it will have 3.5 Ghz get force driving functionality. Seeing such an awesome features of S8, I can assure that it is definitely going to be remarkable and more than awesome smartphone in the market.


Now lets talk about its storage, according to our sources, it is going to have 32, 64 and 128 GB internal storage for its users. As there are going to be many awesome features for Samsung lovers, so the memory is going to be up to 128 GB.

Since Galaxy is famous for its camera results, and its results of camera are more than awesome. The rear camera is expected to be 20 Mega Pixel with f/1.7, 28mm, phase detection auto-focus, OIS, and LED flash. Keeping these camera specs in mind, it is definitely going to give clear photographs than any other smartphone present. The front camera is expected to be 10 Mega pixel along with flash.

Talking about its display, S8 is going to have Super Ultra-Amoled Display. It is going to be awesome display with specs 4k, 6-inch display. It means you will be having a 4K video results which are more awesome and realistic than HD.

Like previous new series of Samsung Galaxy, S8 is also going to water-proof. It is going to be fully waterproof and taking your phone to pool won’t be an issue anymore since it is going to come up with very strong water-proof feature.


Now lets talk about network connection and according to our sources, S8 is going to have 5G network connection. And it means that you are also going to enjoy really high speed internet connection on Samsung Galaxy S8.

The awesome thing which we so far have encountered that is Infrared sensor. It will have an ability to gage your body temperature and give you exact body temperature. Moreover, this infrared could be used for many other purposes as well which yet to be disclosed.

The battery of S8 is going to 4200 mAh. And such a big battery going to give you good backup and let you fully use this awesome smartphone without much interruption.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, Concept & Features

Now let me list all the possible features of Samsung Galaxy S8 which will give you a clear idea about this awesome smartphone.

  • It is going to have 2400 mAh battery.
  • 20 MP rear camera and 10 MP front with LED flash on both side
  • 4K resolution with 6 inch display screen.
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 64 GB internal Memory up to 128 GB
  • It is going to have Genuine Octa-Core 5.X GHz processor
  • Infrared Sensor which measures exact body temperature of user.
  • It is also going to have 3.5 Ghz get force driving functionality.
  • It will have 64 bit Exynos processor.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date

Now lets talk about the release date of Samsung Galaxy S8 that when it is going to hit the markets and going to available for readers. Remember that these dates are expected and we don’t make any claim about its authenticity;

Release Date by Country Galaxy S8 Release Date
Australia 3rd Week April 2016
Austria 3rd Week April 2016
Brazil 3rd Week April 2016
Canada 2nd Week April 2016
China 1st Week April 2016
Denmark 3rd Week April 2016
England 2nd Week April 2016
Finland 4th Week April 2016
France 3rd Week April 2016
Germany 3rd Week April 2016
Greece 3rd Week April 2016
Hong Kong 1st Week April 2016
Hungary 4th Week April 2016
India 2nd Week April 2016
Indonesia 3rd Week April 2016
Italy 3rd Week April 2016
Japan 1st Week April 2016
Nigeria 4th Week April 2016
Philippines 2nd Week April 2016
Poland 3rd Week April 2016
Russia 3rd Week April 2016
Singapore 3rd Week April 2016
South Africa 3rd Week April 2016
South Korea 1st Week April 2016
Spain 3rd Week April 2016
Sweden 3rd Week April 2016
Switzerland 3rd Week April 2016
Taiwan 1st Week April 2016
The Netherlands 4th Week April 2016
United States 2nd Week April 2016

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price

Now lets talk about the expected price of Samsung Galaxy S8. We have gathered the below table from some source and got the expected price of Samsung Galaxy S8.

Country Galaxy S8 Edge Price
Australia 1236 Australian Dollar
Austria 820 Euro
Brazil 3090 Brazilian Real
Canada 1182 Canadian Dollar
China 5589 Chinese Yuan
Denmark 6122 Danish Krone
England 576 British Pound Sterling
Finland 820 Euro
France 820 Euro
Germany 820 Euro
Greece 820 Euro
Hong Kong 6978 Hong Kong Dollar
Hungary 252,272 Hungarian Forint
India 57,591 Indian Rupee
Indonesia 1,2141,450 Indonesian Rupiah
Italy 820 Euro
Japan 111,601 Japanese Yen
Nigeria 179,100 Nigerian Naira
Philippines 41,139 Philippine Peso
Poland 3398 Polish Zloty
Russia 56,404 Russian Ruble
Singapore 1238 Singapore Dollar
South Africa 11,426 South African Rand
South Korea 1,051,969 South Korean Won
Spain 820 Euro
Switzerland 870 Swiss Franc
Taiwan 28,498 New Taiwan Dollar
The Netherlands 820 Euro
United States $900


So this was our detailed article on Samsung Galaxy S8 release date, specs, features and concept. I am sure this would have helped you guys. If you have any news or tip for us then you are always welcome to approach us using comment box. We shall respond you and appreciate your contribution on our blog.

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