Galaxy Note 7 Camera, Display, Features, Release Date & Specs

Galaxy Note 7 : Samsung Galaxy note 7-camera and display: Samsung have come up with the latest and a new release of Samsung Galaxy note 7. And the new Note series is about to launched by August 2016. After the great success of Galaxy Note 5, Samsung has again come up with new Note 7 for the customers. Note 7 have come up with the toughest screen with Gorilla glass and a nonremovable battery with 4600mAh.

The first look of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been in a discussion and it’s having the strong feature have made the phone more popular on the internet.

What are new in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7-Camera and Display

Galaxy Note 7

Galaxy note 7 have some of the greatest features that will make you go crazy on this new Samsung. And compare to previous series Galaxy Note 5, Note 7 have the greatest deal with its Camera and Screen features. The Note 7 will have striking 5.7″ QHD SAMOLED display and also it is amazing to know about that Samsung is giving up to 20 Megapixel rear and a 15-megapixel front camera that can take the high-resolution image and gives you the perfect shot just like the professional photographer. And the Screen provided with 4K display, the latest technology used for the Phone in an Android device. So for the more interesting feature, see through the below mentioned about the full features of Samsung note 7.

Features and specification of Samsung Galaxy note 7

With the last success having the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has quickly make another eye-catching Galaxy Note 7. This Note 7 have some of the cool features that you will see in your hand very soon. So let us see what are the great features of Galaxy Note 7 that you must check on.


Features are-

  1. Battery life- Note 7 comes with the Nonremovable battery powered with 4600 mAh battery for giving you the maximum life for enjoying the phone.
  2. Internal Memory- Enjoy the fast and fluent phone having up to 6 GB of RAM standing head to head with the iPhone 7.
  3. Screen and display Resolution- get the 4K display along with 4K recording capabilities for high display resolution. Packed with a tough screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 back panel. Having the IP68 certified, it also ensure to give you dust proof and water resistant over 1.5 meters and 30 minutes
  4. Camera- Rear camera with 20 MP and the front is expected to be 15 MP with 1440 x 2560 pixels 1440 x 2560 pixels which are the best choice for those who love photography
  5. Operating System- Built with the latest Android OS, v6.0.1 (Marshmallow), Note 7 is the complete latest technology for the new Android device.
  6. Processor- Having the cool and strong processor of Dual-core 2.3 GHz Kryo that is going to make the phone very fast.
  7. Phone Memory- Coming with expandable microSD, the total phone memory can have up to 256 GB with a dedicated slot for SD card.
  8. Price- according to the UK reports, the price for the latest Samsung Galaxy note 7 will be available at the market start from £650 (The UK pound).


So this is the fresh look of new Samsung create Galaxy note 7 with many great features that will make the phone best treat for the Samsung lovers. Upgraded with ultra size feature having the maximum memory like 6 GB Ram as internal and up to 256 GB Rom as for external. Since the releasing date is in August of this year, stay tuned for knowing the exact price for the Indian Market. And check out for more update with us and see more lastest news for the new Samsung release.

Galaxy Note 7 Features, Specs – All You Need to Know About, A New Innovation of Samsung!

Galaxy Note 7 Features: The industry of smartphones is evolving day by day and it is providing us with brand new innovations and technologies. Nowadays, every manufacturer of the smart phone industry is competing when it come to introducing new features. So they can provide the consumers with high quality experience.

Galaxy Note 7 Features, Specs – All You Need to Know About, A New Innovation of Samsung!


Samsung does not need a lot of introduction because this company has made whooping sales of the series of smart phones, tablets and notes. It has wholesaled over 50 million Galaxy notes gadgets in the course of recent years. As a proven leader, it has come up with a brand new concept of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which is going to be released very soon.

Galaxy Note 7 Features, Specs

Galaxy Note 7 features

Let us sum up all the basic foundations of the Samsung Galaxy Note series before specifying the specifications and features of Galaxy Note 7:

• All the models of Samsung Galaxy note come along with a weight delicate wacom digitizer and a stylus pen.

• All Galaxy Notes incorporate programming peculiarities such as advanced scrapbooking and note taking applications and part screen multitasking.

There is no need to explain that the Galaxy note series falls in the category of Phablets. You are already hearing a lot of rumors about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This brand new Phablet is set to compete for one of the best smart phones in the year of 2017. The note series has persistently become one of the most predictable Android devices on the market and the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 looks to be no different.


It is expected that technology and science will launch some new features that have yet to be observed in the Note series. You will be really happy to know that Samsung is looking to make the note 7 much more feature-rich. This brand new device will compete perfectly with other Samsung tech devices.

The new Galaxy Note 7 will let you operate all the modern and smart applications. You can easily use this device which will be equipped with highly responsive and eye sensing technology. You will be also provided with many other features which will let you be more productive. It will certainly give you the peace of mind anywhere, anytime.

If you are wondering how the device is going to help you, this blog post might help you figure it out. You are already hearing multiple Samsung Galaxy Note 7 rumors. The previous smart phones and Notes are undoubtedly amazing. But if you are still looking for something innovative and new then wait until the launch of the galaxy Note 7 in the year 2017.

Galaxy Note 7 images

Samsung has been quite rational with introducing their new Note Flagship around the same time. This cutting edge device will be equipped with a brand new display technology which will make the visuals amazing. The note will also offer you a 3D display. You will get to know more latest rumors about this smart device till it gets launched.

The specifications of Galaxy Note7 will be more amazing rather than that of Note 5 and Note 6. The new phablet will obviously bring more memory options, more space, more speed and larger display. And it will also provide you with the best experience when it comes to the aspect of durability which is the most significant requirement from any smart phone.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is reported to flaunt an outer casing consisting of an alloy metal component. The display of the note is believed to be made up of a brand new Gorilla Glass which will which will provide high protection from drops and other types of screen damage.


The specifications of camera are about to be updated as the rear camera is reported to feature a 32 megapixels and the front camera is believed to have a 9 mega pixel snapper. The smart features of camera will include geo tagging, optical image stabilization plus, auto laser focus and dual LED.

This tab will be powered by a 6 GB Ram, 4200 MaH battery and 3.3GHz octa-core processor. This note 7 will be available in two different colors such as black and white.

This smart device will offer you some unique features such as fingerprint scanner, Metal uni-body design, eye sensing technology, rapid charging plus, wireless charging and corning Gorilla Glass 5. It will also come along with 128 GB internal storage which is expandable to more than 256 GB. Apart from that, you will have the provision of dual micro SD card slots. Note 7 will also have Android 7.0 OS.

It is right that there is still so much time before the official launching but still we are already hearing so much on the forthcoming galaxy Note 7 features. Samsung has done an amazing job with hiding the new innovative features of this device. But the company has already publicly declared that the android device is coming with a new foldable concept. But they have not declared any official details.


It is also reported that Galaxy Note 7 will be a waterproof device. The release date of this device is expected to be declared publicly at the annual event of IFA. It is reported that those in China, Thailand and South Korea will see the release before other western countries such as UK, US, Europe, Canada and other market worldwide.

The Korean fabricator is looking to launch their new flagship sooner. Samsung is working hard to move up the launch of Note 7 from September 2017 to August 2017. Galaxy Note 7 is expected to be launched in August for larger industries such as the UK, US, Canada, China, Germany and other Asian and European markets. India will have to wait a little longer to explore the innovations. This device is expected to launch in India in the middle of September.

Apart from all these, one of the best features of this latest flagship smart phone is the intriguing cooling system which prohibits the device from overheating.

So, that is it guys. We have discussed all the specifications and features of this brand new device in this blog post. Let us wait for the official launching of Samsung Galaxy Note 7.